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Action Communication Technology serves a large customer base in the Katy, Texas area. Our affordable and highly reliable phone systems sales, service and installation products are available to businesses of all sizes.

Business Telephone Systems in Katy, Texas

Structured Cabling and Phone System Solutions

Updated voice and data systems increase productivity and save money

Have you put off investing in new communications technology for your business because you think it may cost too much? If your Katy, Texas company uses and older phone system that doesn’t integrate with other newer technologies, you’re likely losing money and don’t even know it.

When you write a check to pay an invoice, the cash outflow is tangible and obvious; but when staff productivity is sluggish, that’s also money out the door. You don’t write a check for it, directly, but you can bet you’re paying for it.

Bring productivity levels to a new high and increase revenues with a new, fully integrated business communications system. When your company phone system integrates with every desktop, mobile device, and laptop, your employees can address issues, attend meetings, and attract new clients wherever they may be.

From small businesses to midsize companies to enormous global corporations, businesses everywhere have implemented — or are actively planning to implement — new voice, data, and video solutions. If you haven’t made the switch, your business is at a competitive disadvantage.

Get back in the game with a new voice and data solution from Action Communication

Implementing any new technology takes more than time and effort. Doing it right means partnering with experts that fully understand how to assess the specific technology demands of your business.

Action Communication has provided the very best in business telephony and cabling services since 1991. The Action team consists of highly experienced, certified engineers and technicians who stay updated on the newest and emerging technology in business telecommunications.

Whether you need structured cabling installation, a standard digital telephone system, or a newer IP or cloud-based solution, the Action team will work with you to get it done right. When you partner with Action Communication, we take the time necessary to gain a complete understanding of the nuances and specific needs of your business. Once we’ve completed this discovery process, we can begin developing a customized and fully integrated solution.

A new, state-of-the-art telecommunications system will benefit your business in numerous critical ways:

  • Cabling services
  • Network
  • Voice (Category 5)
  • Data (Category 5, 6, 7)
  • Fiber optic
  • Cloud based business phone systems
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Overhead paging systems
  • Business Phone Systems
  • Business application devices
  • Mobile messaging
  • SIP Trunking
  • Cloud based telephone services
  • Media management
  • ESI Link – System networking
  • Telephone software integration
  • Business telephones
  • ESI Certified Partner

Don’t stand behind the competition any longer. The technology gap will only widen as time passes. Take Action now with the professionals at Action Communication.

We are your Certified ESI Phone Systems Dealer in Katy, Texas

We design, sell, program, train and support the ESI-Estech business phone system, including:

ESI 1000

ESI 1000

IP Server 900

ESI IP Server 900

ESI 200

ESI 200

ESI 100

ESI 100

ESI 50

ESI-50 Phone System



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