5 Reasons VoIP is Essential for Business Today

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5 Reasons VoIP is Essential for Business Today

Traditional phone lines are still the most preferred method of business communication, but there are certain situations when they may not be the most reasonable choice. For example, let’s say that you want to talk to someone across the world – the phone bill would be enormous, especially if you have to talk to them on a daily basis. The best solution in this situation is to opt for Voice over IP (VoIP) communication – a unique voice communication method that is currently being used by the largest businesses around the world because of its rich features, reliability, affordability and flexibility.
Naturally, VoIP has some minor drawbacks, but if we draw the line, you’ll see that the advantages are significantly more than the drawbacks. So, if you haven’t explored VoIP’s rich features and advantages yet, then let’s take a closer look at how & why VoIP is essential for business today.

Cut Your Costs
If you aren’t using VoIP at the moment, then it is almost certain that you are using the traditional phone lines that have been around for decades. In this situation you end up paying for every minute spent talking over the phone, which means that your monthly bill can be very high especially if you regularly make international calls. The situation with VoIP is completely different, and your costs will be cut significantly.
In order to take advantage of VoIP services you only need to have a high quality Internet connection, preferably ADSL. This way you’ll be able to enjoy excellent voice quality, call reliability and your monthly cost will be a fixed amount.

According to statistics, small businesses that switch to VoIP reduce the cost of their local costs by up to 40%, and save up to 90% on international calls.

Host Conference Calls
Traditional phone lines are pretty limited when it comes to conference calls and this may prove to be a problem for many business owners. When you use VoIP services you can include as many people as you want in your conference call, as long as your Internet speed is enough to transfer all the voice data. The VoIP technology is constantly being developed & improved, so all voice packets are compressed and transferred efficiently in order to improve connection and call quality.

Affordable Software & Hardware
VoIP completely eliminates the need of expensive phone lines, telephone sets and other underlying hardware that can boost the initial cost of your company’s communication to thousands of dollars. With VoIP you only need a good internet connection, a computer, sound card, microphone and speakers or headphones – things that are pretty common for every office around the world. Thanks to VoIP services you can cut initial costs by up to 90% which can prove to be life saving for many companies. Here you must know about how to choose the right VoIP provider for your business in 2015 and the easy & quick way to do this is to have a look at online resources like VirtualPBXReviews.com etc to read reviews of best VoIP providers to take the best decision for your investment in communication sector.
As for the software, you can either opt for free services such as Skype or Net2Phone or pay for more functional and expensive software that will give you access to some extra features.

Bandwidth Utilization
Optimizing your VoIP plan according to your needs can be a bit tricky at first, but if your provider gives you detailed statistics about your monthly data usage, then the process will be much easier. What’s great about VoIP services is that you can see every tiny detail that can help you optimize inbound/outbound calling in order to get the best value for money.
A Wide Range of Great Features
The features that come with VoIP services are much better than those offered by traditional phone lines. You’ll have more flexibility in terms of call management, as well as take advantage of extra perks such as voicemail, extra-virtual numbers, contact lists, caller IDs, etc. Here are some of the more specific perks that you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy when using VoIP solutions for your business:

VoIP Call Routing
If you often have to take important calls, then why risk missing them? Thanks to the “Find Me Call Routing” offered by most VoIP service providers, the caller will be transferred through several numbers before being sent to voicemail. For example, he’ll ring twice on your mobile phone, twice on your office phone and finally twice on your home phone before being sent to voicemail.

Music on Hold Relaxing Melodies
Another great feature that many businesses take advantage of is “Music on Hold”. Waiting for your call to be answered can be very tedious and boring, so why shouldn’t you spice up this process with some music? Add unique & relaxing melodies to every call put on hold.

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