ESI-50 Communications Server

A small business office system in a digital, IP, or combination configuration with enterprise features and capabilities.
ESI-50 Phone System

ESI-50 Phone System

The ESI-50 Communications Server is a powerful tool around which you can build your organization’s entire telecommunications strategy — and you don’t have to know it all in advance. That’s because the ESI-50 can be a traditional digital business phone system, a fully standards-based IP telephony system, or any mix of the two.

ESI-50 System Features and Benefits

The ESI-50 Communications Server combines multiple first-rate, feature-rich systems into one tightly integrated unit:

  • Business phone system
  • Voice mail
  • Automated attendant with six levels and 100 branches
  • Messages-on-hold
  • Enhanced Caller ID2
  • Automatic call distribution (ACD)
  • Intelligent Call Forwarding™3
  • Optional Windows®-based VIP family of communication management tools
  • Optional ESI Presence Management
  • Optional ESI Media Management
  • Optional ESI Bluetooth® Voice Integration
  • Network-based VoIP telephony
  • Digital stations, IP stations1 (including SIP), or any combination thereof
  • T1/PRI support 4
  • Massive voice message storage
  • Sophisticated voice mail features

The base ESI-50L has some of the above features and may be upgraded to an ESI-50. In general, the ESI-50L doesn’t support features that depend on ACD, IP, or high-bandwidth lines.

See ESI-50L Business Phone System

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