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ESI 1000
Business Phone System
ESI-1000 Communications Server
240 Trunks - 816 Stations

Part of Action CTI's complete telephone system solutions for large sites.

ESI 50
Business Phone System
ESI-50 Communications Server
35 Trunks - 52 Stations

A small business office system in a digital, IP, or combination configuration with enterprise features and capabilities.

ESI IP Server 900
Business Phone System
ESI IP Server 900
127 Trunks - 191 Stations

An IP phone system to meet and exceed the needs of any enterprise-level businesses.

Business Phone System
ESI-50L Communications Server
16 Trunks - 40 Stations

Designed for very small offices and easily upgraded to the ESI-50 when needed.

ESI 200
Business Phone System
ESI-200 Communications Server
84 Trunks - 192 Stations

Small and midsize business system with big-business features and functionality.

ESI C-Plus
Business Phone System
ESI C-Plus Executive
8 Trunks - 16 Stations

A feature-rich phone system with advanced capabilities and is amazingly easy to use.

ESI 100
Business Phone System
ESI-100 Communications Server
42 Trunks - 84 Stations

Digital, IP, or a combination of the two. Unprecedented flexibility and functionality.

Business Phone System
Legacy Product

All IVX Class systems are legacy products that have been replaced by the newest models.

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