“Cutting Through the Complexity: Making Communications Services Easy”

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“Cutting Through the Complexity: Making Communications Services Easy”

“In today’s technology landscape, vendors are in a constant race to add more and more features to their services; but, unfortunately, this creates unnecessary complexity and frustration for the end user,” said Guenther. “ESI has taken a unique approach to our user experience, and I’m excited to discuss how vendors can get back to the basics and focus on making communications simple and intuitive.”

As Director of Product Management, Guenther leads the design and development teams for ESI’s cloud services and on-premises products. In May, 2014, he helped launch ESI Cloud PBX, the industry’s most integrated cloud solution yet. Its features include:

  • Real-time syncing of the phone and Web-based dashboard through ESI Intelitouch™, allowing users to fully personalize their communication experience, and then access it across all devices.
  • One-touch simple phone customization, making common functions — such as speed-dialing and special contacts or actions — easily programmable at the touch of a button both in the cloud and on the desk phone.
  • A reseller dashboard enabling ESI channel partners to view performance issues, troubleshoot, and provide a high level of proactive support across all of the reseller’s customer accounts.

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