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ESI Cloud PBX offers the most user-friendly cloud-based phone system available. Advanced features that your business will actually use; it’s that simple! Plus, with ESI-designed phones your communication solution is the most integrated solution available, delivering a real-time view of communications across all devices anywhere, anytime.
Why businesses choose ESI Cloud PBX
True integration — Only ESI Intelitouch™ offers true, seamless integration between the desk phone and the communications system.
Intuitive and customizable — Easily personalize call schedules, set routing rules, and change greetings from anywhere just as easily as you’d transfer a call.
Mobility — Never miss another call with ESI Ditto™ application for iOS® and Android™.
One-touch simple — Intelligent integration means that you can personalize your phones, record calls, and more at the touch of a button or a click of a mouse.
Local support — Local, expert agent and reseller partners are available to provide personal support.
Key features
Web-based administration — View your voice mail, call history, contacts, and your colleagues’ availability as you manage your own — simply and at your fingertips — with your web-based dashboard.
ESI Ditto mobile application — Sync your mobile device to your office phone and never miss another important call. Use Wi-Fi and mobile data instead of cellular minutes.
Easy phone programming — Quickly program and personalize your ESI phone from the dashboard and forget the complicated “star codes.”
Presence management — View co-worker availability in the color-coded Contact list.
Visual voice mail — View your messages in your dashboard to more easily manage your calls.
Click-to-call — Click any number from your dashboard to call instantly.
Visual contact directory — View and manage your contacts and easily import from Google™ Contacts, Microsoft® Outlook®, and Apple® vCard.
Automated help — Access an automated help menu to quickly get the information you need with one touch.
Multiple-device support — Use up to three devices per extension so that your important calls reach you, no matter where in your workplace you may be at the moment.

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